Teak Wood

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A lot of timber is available in fixed dimensions.

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The quality of teak wood is classified into 3 classes / grades, namely grade A, grade B, and grade C. Teak Grade A is more expensive than Grade B Teak Wood, and Grade B Teak Wood is more expensive than Grade C. Teak Wood. variations in the price of teak wood furniture in various furniture shops in Indonesia.


Teak Grade A is the best quality teak wood. This teak wood comes from the middle or heart of a teak tree (heartwood) with a tree age of at least 40 years. Grade A can be seen from its straight and aligned fibers, its color is uniform, the fiber is very tight, and feels a bit slippery when held on the wood surface.

It is this oil that provides great durability of teak wood that can withstand extreme weather (usually in 4 seasons) and insect attacks including termites. Rent car Solo.  It’s just that this part is only about 25% of the whole log, and this makes it rare and very expensive.

Grade B teak wood comes from the outer part of the heart of the teak (heartwood), this part is 25% – 30% of the whole tree trunk. Compared to grade A teak wood, grade B teak wood has a slightly brighter color, less regular fiber, and less gloss, because the oil content is less than grade A teak wood.

The wood grain is not as tight as grade A wood, but Grade B wood is still good to be used as raw material for furniture or furniture.

The quality of Grade C Teak Wood is low. This teak wood comes from the outer parts of teak (sapwood) trees and immature teak trees. This section takes about 40% of the entire teak tree trunk. Solo rent car. Teak Grade C wood does not have oil that can protect wood, the color is white, and is usually filled with scratches or streaks of wood.
Although it comes from the same teak tree, this grade C does not have the same quality or durability as grade A. Usually this C grade is priced far below the grade B and grade A prices, for those of you with minimal budget, this might be the right choice.